Doggie Tea is a range of Certified Organic herbal teas with health benefits just for your dog! Our teas were created with the help on a holistic vet and are hand blended in Australia, so you know your fur-child is getting the best possible product for their health! 


About Jenna Me Myself and Tea

In 2015, I rescued and become a fur-mum to our lovely Ruby, and within minutes I knew that I wanted the best for her and knew that this starts with optimal health.

After working at a natural therapies college with renowned naturopaths, nutritionists and herbalists, I found an undeniable love for herbal tea. After witnessing simple act of mixing different herbs to improve health, I knew this was something for our furry friends too.

That’s where Doggie Tea comes in! I started to work with a holistic vet at to develop three teas for dogs, with hand selected herbs that have amazing benefits for their health.

I hope you love them as much as your fur-child will!



clare kearney pet nutritionist

Clare is an animal nutritionist, writer and fur-mum to Tex Perkins. She studied at the University of Melbourne and the Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation, and is a fully accredited practitioner member of the latter.

As a specialist in canine nutrition, Clare’s philosophy aligns with Doggie Tea’s holistic approach to the health of your pooch. 

Clare is available for private consultation and runs regular workshops at HUNDE.



Holistic Vet Doggie Tea

Cherlene is a holistic vet and the principal veterinarian at My Vet Animal Hospital. Her passion for animals traces back to childhood. Her beloved Cavalier Cross, Siao Chu, holds a significant part of her heart after he was fatally ill as a puppy. After graduating from the University of Sydney, she worked in various rural and city based practices.

Cherlene has a particular interest in natural pet products; we consulted with her as we created our Doggie Tea range. Her expertise ensured our selection of organic herbal ingredients work together harmoniously to support your dog’s health and wellness.